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Disposable Deposit Bags [9 x 12]

Protect your cash & checks with 1STCHECKS Security Deposit Bag by Advecta.

1STChecks Deposit Bag

1STCHECKS Security Deposit Bag by Advecta.

Made from superior-strength plastic, the deposit bag offers tamper-evidence from peeling, punctures, and tears. The Advecta advantage offers advanced security features which prevent compromise from virtually any source. .

Unique Double Seal Feature Offers added protection. Pre-folded, inline, self-adhesive closure that's permanent and tamper-evident.

  • Ease of Use
    Permanent, resealable or new captive flap to improve access to deposit tickets.
  • Micro-Perforation
    Prevents peeling even under extreme conditions.
  • High Strength Polyethylene Film
    Provides exceptional strength and durability for maximum protection.
  • Double Side Seals
    Broad, flat, 3/8" side seals for all-around compromise protection from the edges of the bag.
  • Printed Tear-Off Receipt
    Sequential numbering with a matching barcode insures easy tracking and audit traceability.

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